Hi! I'm Martina, I'm in the middle of twenties and I am a european daughter, with italian, polish and german origins.

I am a permanent daydreamer with my head full of idea, projects and hopes. I am also a foodblogger since 2011, in fact, by chance I opened the first version of "Lamponi & tulipani" (Raspberries and tulips in italian) and since there I discovered the wonderful world of blogging!
I'm talking too much (see italian origins), taking pictures and cooking a lot. In three years I moved three different countries and changed a lot of jobs from research assistant (I'm a psychologist) to a pastry chef and my passion for baking became a job!
Now that my life stabilised, I moved in with my english boyfriend (foodlover & chef!) in south UK, I realize that is time to continue blogging (I'm a food photographer addicted!) put my ideas on this little space and trying to organise them... 

Thank you for you visit and if you want to write me this is my email address: 


Welcome! :)

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