Sometimes I believed... many as six impossible things before breakfast"
(Alice's adventures in wonderland)

Anyone can do impossible things if you believe in impossible things. But be imaginative takes time and a lot of trying. I definitely think I am a imaginative persona, someone with the head on the clouds, maybe to much sometimes, but this helped me so much in my live.

In apple pie order

After almost three years here in England, I started have english habits (put vinegar on the chips, look to the right side when I cross the street and the very last one is eating porridge with blueberries for breakfast and completely forgot my croissant and cappuccino!).
So now I couldn't start my new english blog with a cake that is not very very english!

What happened until now

Welcome in my little new space. I'm Martina, italian with polish origins. 
I am not new in the foodblog world (mainly in the italian one) with my old friend "Lamponi & Tulipani" blog. "Raspberries & Tulips" is his english alter-ego that couldn't keep himself in the "darkness" anymore!